Gemstone              :    Natural Padparadscha Sapphire
Carat Weight         :      1.63 Carats
Measurements      :    8.16 x 5.42 x 4.39 MM
Shape                     :    Cushion Rectangular
Color                       :    Pinkish Orange
Treatments             :     Unheated
Clarity Grade         :     VVS1-

Note: Very beautiful and very very rare  color Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire has a tiny natural inoculation behind and  that cannot see from front, also it can be  re polished 
Kindly contact us if you have any doubts
Treatments : Unheated/ Untreated

Note -- We accept Payment Plans, Please feel free to drop us a text regarding any information!

Also we take customized jewelry orders!
Simply send us a sample photo of the design you prefer and we can bring it to your hands! Everything is handmade to perfection with extreme care

FancySapphire, the highest quality natural gemstones  are mainly from Sri Lankan(Ceylon) origin, where We based our business and some are from African origin. . Sri Lanka , formerly known as Ceylon , is home to these gems that possess breathtaking beauty. The rich culture and conditions all mingle to create mystical gems that are unparalleled to any other form of jewelry .We only move with natural earth-mined sapphires. Our stones are either completely untreated in any means or only simply normal heated using traditional methods.  

The characteristics of a high-grade gemstone ensure it has a bold color, clarity, rarity and durability and fancySapphire with minimum profit provides 100% satisfaction! Basically Srilankan gems are rare because combined with its lustrous beauty it’s ensured the jewellery it’s transformed into is not only eye catching but will last a lifetime .These stones have an allure and lust that is unique and elegant. They range in colors and have a mystic aura that captivates anyone that wears or comes into contact with these pieces.
Our Selection is vast and includes stones such as, White, Yellow, Pink ,Star ,Purple, Blue Sapphires, Chrysoberyl, Cats Eyes, Alexandrite, Spinel, Tourmaline, Garnet, Topaz, Moonstone and Zircons.The stones can be set  according to any design as per the customer  requirement and  would be of excellent quality. Ceylon gems are life long pieces that can be handed down or kept as one off statement items and make exquisite gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

▪️We provide attractive and unbeatable prices for  our customers .
▪️ Furthermore, these gems are shot using normal outdoor sunlight and there is 0% photo enhancement.
▪️We have carefully graded our stones using GIA's colored stone grading system. They're arranged in 4c's style.
▪️Meanwhile we don't deal in Synthetic, Glass filed sapphires, Beryllium Diffused sapphires or sapphires treated with any treatment method that isn't accepted in fine jewelry industry. The only treatment our sapphires might be subjected to, where disclosed, is the standard heat treatment!!!
Thereby, If you wish to buy gemstones , FancySapphire is happy to strike a partnership with you.  Please contact us for more information.

Treatment:  Unheated
Transparency:  Transparent
Shape:  Cushion, Rectangular
Returns:  20 day returns. Buyer pays for return shipping
Shipping:  Ready to ship in 4-7 Business Days
Shipping Cost:  Free Shipping

Rare 1.63 Cts Natural Unheated Padparadscha Sapphire Certified Pinkish Orange Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire

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